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F, Energy Distortion - Part 3

The Energy Distortion continues .... Part 3 with 5 atmospheric driven Dubstep Titles. In: 01.04.2010
#27429 0907 (G 7EVEN 14).mp3.. .mp3 Poka (H1 7EVEN 14).mp3.. .mp3 See The Light (I 7EVEN 14).mp.. .mp3

Various Artists, Earth Tones

Great deeper grooving upbuilding Acid-House / House from: Move D, Steve Oh, Black Jazz Constitution aka Black Jazz Consortium. Purple marbled Vinyl. (W10) In: 30.03.2010 TIP!
#27426 Move D - Aspiration (A SPMETV.. .mp3 Steve Oh - Work That Shit (B1.. .mp3 Black Jazz Constitution- The .. .mp3

Martin Buttrich, Crash Test LP

9 Titles. Incl. download Code for Album & Bonus Tracks. In: 30.03.2010
#27425 Tripping In The 16th (A1 DESO.. .mp3 Back It Up (A2 DESOLAT LP 002.. .mp3 Everyone Else Is Already Take.. .mp3

Cobblestone Jazz, The Modern Deep Left Quartet

House / Tech-House & atmospheric Techno. 6 Titles (W10) In: 30.03.2010
#27424 Sun Child (A WAG 062).mp3.. .mp3 Children (B1 WAG 062).mp3.. .mp3 Light Spike (B2 WAG 062).mp3.. .mp3

Gancher, Midnight Flashback / Flattery

Hardcore / Drum & Bass. BSide featuring Dlight.
#27423 Gancher - Midnight Flashba.. .mp3 Gancher Feat. Dlight - Flat.. .mp3

Architeq , Mind Games

Relaxed spacing Disco featuring ilija Rudman. Incl. Samoyed Mix and Emperor Machine Remix. (W) In: 30.03.2010
#27422 Original (A1 TIRK 058).mp3.. .mp3 Samoyed Mix (A2 TIRK 058).mp3.. .mp3 Emperor Machine Remix (B TIRK.. .mp3

Various Artists, Workshop 10

Housing Titles from: Lowtec, Schweiz Rec., Ron Deacon. (W3) In: 30.03.2010
#27421 Lowtec - Untitled (A WORKSHOP.. .mp3 Schweiz Rec. - Untitled (B1 .. .mp3 Ron Deacon - Untitled (B2 W.. .mp3

Marcello Napoletano, From The Depths Of My Mind

(W5) In: 30.03.2010
#27420 Mother Earth (A1 YRE 23).mp3.. .mp3 Rage Against (A2 YRE 023).mp3.. .mp3 Black Sea (B YRE 23).mp3.. .mp3

Floating Points, Peoples Potential / Shark Chase

Very nice grooving House. (W) In: 30.03.2010 TIP!
#27419 Peoples Potential (A EGL 006).. .mp3 Shark Case (B EGL 006).mp3.. .mp3

Vegard Wolf Dyvik, C.O.D.E.S

Cover Version of Joey Beltrams Codes on Nu Groove from 1991. (W) In: 30.03.2010
#27418 C.O.D.E.S - Tough Mix (A TR 0.. .mp3 Quad I (B1 TR 10).mp3.. .mp3 C.O.D.E.S - Soft Mix (B2 TR 1.. .mp3

Marius Vareid, Vallefaret

Dreamy spacing Disco incl. Blackbelt Anderson Remix. Additional Remix production by Prins Thomas. (W2) In: 30.03.2010 TIP!
#27417 Vallefaret (A1 FP 24).mp3.. .mp3 Villa Farris (A2 FP 24).mp3.. .mp3 Vallefaret - Blackbelt Anders.. .mp3

Murr, Sunday Morning EP

Nice moody grooving House ... Incl. Remixes from: Mood Edit & Takeshi Nishimoto, Dan M & Marc Schneider. (W2) In: 30.03.2010
#27416 Sunday Morning (A NK 20).mp3.. .mp3 Superior - Marc Schneider and.. .mp3 Forgotten - Mood Edit Rmx fea.. .mp3

J.T.C., Basturma Highway

J.T.C. aka Tadd Mullinix aka James Cotton. Atmospheric flying acid filled House .... 250 copies ... (W3) In: 30.03.2010 TIP!
#27415 Basturma Highway (A MRX 016)... .mp3 Overnight - Chrome Heads (B M.. .mp3

Hieroglyphic Being, Ancient Echoes

Doped Echoes from Mr. Jamal R. Moss. Limited to 350 copies ... (W2) In: 30.03.2010
#27414 Ancient Echoes (A MRIPLUS 003.. .mp3 Letters From The Edge (B MRIP.. .mp3

Ron Trent, Spaces And Places EP

ASide Instrumentation by Sean Wallace. Deeper grooving House ... (W2) In: 30.03.2010
#27413 Babia (A FVR 017).mp3.. .mp3 Sex Games (B1 FVR 017).mp3.. .mp3 Sensual Drums (B2 FVR 017).mp.. .mp3

Dandy Jack And The Metronom Allstars, Captain Deutschland

House / Tech-House. The Flip is done by Andres Garcia. Limited to 300 copies. (W3) In: 30.03.2010
#27412 Dandy Jack and The Metronome .. .mp3 Andres Garcia - Lembran (B RU.. .mp3

Shit Robot, I Got A Feeling

Kewl atmospheric moving House featuring Vocals from Saheer Umar (ASide). (W3) In: 30.03.2010 TIP!
#27411 I Got A Feeling (A DFA 2245)... .mp3 Norfolk Nights (B DFA 2245).m.. .mp3

DJ Pierre, Stress Or Justice

Grooving Progressive-House / Tech House / Techno. Incl. Remixes from: James Ruskin, Timo Garcia, Benny Rodrigues. (W3) In: 30.03.2010
#27410 Benny Rodrigues Twitter Alarm.. .mp3 Timo Garcia Wunderlust Remix .. .mp3 James Ruskin Afro Acid Mix (A.. .mp3

PBR Streetgang, A Streetgang EP

Nice Disco featuring Eddie C (PBR Streetgang Remix) and a Soft Rocks Remix. (W2) In: 30.03.2010
#27409 PBR Streetgang - Silas (A1 WO.. .mp3 Eddie C - My Woman - PBR Stre.. .mp3 PBR Streetgang - Funny Money .. .mp3

Various Artists, The Soft House Experience Vol. I

Great and spacy House Titles from: Souloman, The Exaltics, Florian Büchel. (W2) In: 30.03.2010
#27407 The Exaltics -Moments In Time.. .mp3 Florian Buechel - Stargazer (.. .mp3 Souloman - The Soft House The.. .mp3

Baiyon, Evening Glow Of A River

Incl. Eamonn Doyle Remix. Lupe is featuring Shane Berry. (W3) In: 30.03.2010
#27406 Evening Glow Of A River (A D1.. .mp3 Eamonn Doyle Remix (A2 D1 049.. .mp3 Lupe (B D1 049).mp3.. .mp3

Lucy & Ercolino, Remixes

Remixes from: Luke Slater, Dadu. (W5) In: 30.03.2010
#27405 Gmork - Luke Slater Remix (A .. .mp3 The Nothing Grows Stronger - .. .mp3

Surgeon, Compliance Momentum

Dark working Techno. (W5) In: 30.03.2010
#27404 Compliance Momentum (A DTR 01.. .mp3 The Crawling Frog Is Torn and.. .mp3

Mod.Civil, Op.cit.

(W5) In: 30.03.2010
#27403 Untitled (B ORN 013).mp3.. .mp3 Untitled (A ORN 013).mp3.. .mp3

The Reminder, Underwater Senses

Nice doped atmospheric Techno. ASide featuring Sequent. In: 30.03.2010
#27401 Underwater Senses (A ETIKU 00.. .mp3 Coffee First (B ETIKU 002).mp.. .mp3

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